Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well, it's not spring. Okay, fine. I was a bit hasty with my "get on yr bikes, people!" shout out. And it seems I was a bit hasty with my own bike riding while there's still snow on the ground. aaagh, I have a cold! Like, I barely even can speak! How did this happen?

I'm really not into blaming the weather or the bike riding though, honestly. Maybe I was talking too much over the weekend? (Well, I did some long-distance Skyping with someone I don't talk to often, so that's Exhibit A, yes.) Maybe I touched something/one gross at that weird club I went to on Friday night and then rubbed my nose? Maybe because there's a -8C windchill out there and similar conditions predicted for the next week?? I don't know, some kind of combination of forces stacked up against me Voltron-like.

But right now I am not on my bike. And that's sad to me. I have soup and I have ginger tea. And a will to go on, brave soldier that I am, etc.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Yesterday I went for the First Real Bike Ride of the Season. I wrote a bit about it over at that sorry excuse for a local blog-rag,

(I'm joking about the sorry excuse stuff. Because then I would be insulting myself. I don't want to do that. I like myself. Usually.)

(I'm totally listening to Julie Doiron. And it's raining. This is fitting n' all, but wrong. I was listening to the Js, that's all. Some of the Js in my Music System aren't good for getting on with the day, is what I'm saying.)
rrrgh, morning, raining, can't get going, actually watched Sunday-morning CBC news show b/c was recently reminded of my laxness re: paying attention to politics. I'm an IDEAS PERSON, people. Ah, no, I dig the details, but sometimes, when the details involve boring men in boring suits saying things that are just talk (not feeling/truth/thought), well, I am bored. But the Sunday morning news program showed a really great docu-short about Bosnia, post-2004. Very interesting. Partly about the individuals involved in the docu itself (the guide and driver) and partly about the broader political and social (read: genocide) events of the mid-late 90s.

I learned things already today.
I also ate some coconut bread I made yesterday. It had chocolate chips in it.