Saturday, October 18, 2003

Is it just me or is free alcohol just totally impossible to turn down? I mean, in certain contexts, such as school-related functions where you know people and the event is more like a party at someone's house except they won't have to clean up the next day. And there's free alcohol.

So, last night I attended a journal launch event, planning on only going for about an hour, having a glass of cheap red and then heading home for some much needed sleep, which would allow me to wake up on time to go to my 10am French class Saturday morning. Ah, you can see it all unraveling already. The thing is, I always do this. I think I'm starting to learn though. Well, learning that if I say I'm not going to drink, that I inevitably will drink. Not, like, learning anything about moderation or self-control or practicality or anything, no.

One glass of wine turns into four and two beers. And an hour turns into six. But hey, it was fun. French class, well, it was hard to concentrate. And I got there 30 minutes late... bad. But my hangover was subtle - a slight headache and stomach quesyness accompanied by a general sense of relaxation. You know, that "whatever" hangover attitude. It's kind of nice, kind of freeing.

So in this state, apres french class, j'ai fait le magazinage. Well, I actually went looking for running shoes b/c mine are almost dead and certainly no good for actually running, which I'd like to do (shock! horror! eegh.) But I didn't find any. *But* I did do something out of character: I bought earrings! Two pairs! I never wear earrings anymore, haven't for years. Probably just due to laziness, I don't know. But lately I've been feeling a need to wear earring. Maybe b/c I'm growing my hair? I don't know. So I bought two pairs of hoop-type earrings - one smallish silver pair that's kind of wider at the bottom than the top and another smallish pair with tiny little pastel-coloured jewels in them. They're really cute. And pretty. And perhaps will make me feel cute and pretty. We shall see...

But the funny thing is that I forgot to buy some rubbing alcohol to disinfect them. I think I might just use some rum. That's all I've got. Vodka would probably be better though, right? Rum has other stuff in it. But it's mostly alcohol. Ah, see how this post has come full-circle? Yes, it's a nice little alcohol-themed package...

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Well, y'know, it's cold out now. And my hands are cold *right now*. aaagh. I had briefly forgotten about winter. People talk about how they love the changing of seasons, the clear definition of summer into fall into winter, etc. Does this clarity of weather, this compartmentalising really help me though? No. I'd like a nice homogenous-type climate, please. That's where I'm from and that's what I like. ah, well, maybe I'll like winter better this year. haha.

I've been really busy. School, editing, etc. And last weekend was the Pop Montreal festival, so I saw a lot of bands for four nights in a row. I loved it all. If only life were always like that. Well, I guess it would be if I lived in New York and had some kind of music-critic gig that allowed me access to every show. Or if I were rich.

I bought the new Belle and Sebastian album today. And it's good! I was hesitant for some reason. Worried that it would disappoint. It does not. It's just damn fun. And it reminds me of a lot of bands I associate with good times, or growing up, or friends, happiness, you know. Like The Who, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Phil-Spector soul-pop, all those big ones that made it into my childhood and therefore I cannot criticize b/c they're too close to this heart o' mine.

Ah, also, yesterday I saw The Aisler's Set and Yo La Tengo. Greatness! People ask me why I go to so many shows, why I like going to shows, questions whose answers I think are evident to all music lovers. Well, this show and Pop Montreal are good answers. It's that live-music *feeling*. The lights, the music, the crowd, the personalities of the band members, all of it. I mean, for one song James and Georgia were doing hand movements and twirls while Ira sang.

in other news, i need to buy a new walkman. this walking around and being on public transit music-less is getting to me. i thought i'd buy a cd walkman, but now i think i'm just going to go for the old tape-style and say hello to e-bay for that purchase. ooh, e-bay. i can feel the addiction forming already...