Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm attempting (pop)cultural relevance over at
Music, tv, fashion, Montreal comings and goings. I like it.

Monday, September 19, 2005

It's 2005! Still!
And I still have a bllllogggg! wtf, it's not like a lot of things haven't been happening - I've just been tired/lazy/busy/bleah - but I am no longer (so much) those things! Though still pretty busy, okay, yeah. With the worst kind of deadlines too - the self-imposed kind. Apparently it's true what they say about how failing yourself is the worst kind of failure... But I haven't failed yet, just have been teetering close to disappointment for too long. Screw that though.

Am living in a new appartment - by myself! Which is awesome and in a great neighbourhood, with friends around the corner and good food and coffee. However, I still seem to spend a lot of time indoors on my own - happily though. I've been doing a lot of bike riding and not really looking forward to winter with respect to that, even though I was in fact looking forward to winter with respect to coziness and homemade soup and wearing my new down coat (it has yet to be tested, but I have faith in it. Yes, faith in a coat. That is what winter here is all about.) But yeah yeah yeah, things okay, good, interesting. Am still thesising, but am no longer feeling shame about it taking so long - presented at a few conferences this year too, which boosted my confidence re: my research/ideas. Writing as well, mostly poems. No new love to speak of but I think that was self-imposed, for my own good and the good of others. I've recently been feeling flirty while at the same time, er, "deep" - so who knows what that combo will bring.

Anyway, this is all very true-blog-fashion stuff. I have also not quit watching tv. But still only watch a select few, okay, several, shows and feel happily shameless about it.