Monday, February 27, 2006

haha, okay, I've written stuff today, but it's all over at! Paragraphs full of stuff. So that's made me happy.

They are testing the heat detectors in my building right now. Yes, there are heat detectors and smoke detectors. They are on the ceiling in my kitchen. But they are little white machine things, not people. Because my apartment is too small to have all those people in it, even in the name of safety. So I've opted for machines instead. I have learned just now that they work too.

The bldg manager came in with this woman holding what looked like a boom mic, except with a rounder, fatter end on it. And the other end was metal. HOTT METAL. She stuck it on the heat detector and after a few seconds, the detector started to emit a not-too-pleasant high-pitched sound. squeeeeeeee. Then she put the round and furry (!) end on the detector and the noise stopped. I've been listening to this procedure happen throughout the building for the past 15 minutes. Fun! But really now, in the name of safety, I'm weathering it without complaint.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I wonder if maybe I've not been writing here b/c I didn't like it, aesthetically. So I have changed the look of things. One paragraph a day - I'd like to commit to this. I was out late late last night, having fun in places that shouldn't be open that late. Like art galleries and the lobbies of concert halls. I also walked home in -16C. But was walking fast, so am okay. Did not sleep enough. Head foggy, sky sunny.