Friday, May 21, 2004

A lovely spring day in Montreal today. And I actually took adantage of it (no, not *that* way) and went outside, on my bike! For hours! I went out riding with a friend and it just sort of turned into an over-2-hour ride (yeah, we got a little lost, but who cares) around Verdun and Ile des Soeurs and almost over to Parc Jean-Drapeau - to get over to the park you have to cross this bizarre industrial bridge that seems to go on forever (um, because it's actually crossing the St. Lawrence River...) and then you have to bike up this peninsula-like tract of land for a while. While we managed the long bridge, we knew we weren't prepared for the rest of the massive ride, so we just went back the way we came, which was fine and dandy.

It was nice to get out of the city centre. We kept remarking to each other about how alien it felt, a different planet, as we passed through meta-suburbia and then into industrial lands and then into parkland(ish). None of which looked like the Montreal we live in and which we could still see way off in the distance, as one might see earth from a spacepod (adjusting for scale, of course). I took a few photos and perhaps will post when developed.

The rest of the day, well, the rest of the day was spent on-line, doing research and not doing research. Then reading. Then watching Lionel and Nicole Richie on Oprah (yeah, I cried a bit, whatever) and then eating and then webbing and then reading again. Very happily. Ah, nothing like a bit of fresh air to make the rest of the day spent inside seem a-okay.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Fuckerly. I just wrote a long post about nothing really but then I made it disappear due to stupid key-hitting error. Now I am sad. Not that it was a great post, but it had a good joke at the end. Sigh. Anyway, there will be more jokes in my future, I'm sure. I just have to get over the sadness. Grrr. Okay, done.

But yeah, so as I was saying before my ctrl-c key just turned into a plain old c, deleting everything, I was talking about my day that ended up being really a bit of a dud in terms of accomplishing anything school-related. I went to the gym, I bought a new desk lamp, I watched American Idol. I almost did laundry and I thought about fixing the oven that's been broken for, well, yes, I think it's true, over a year. I did do a bit of housecleaning though. Oh, and web wasting, of course, goes without saying.

At the gym I decided to try out a cardio machine I'd never tried before: the stairmaster. I mean, it was next to the calf machine I was using, so, y'know, why not. Now, I actually don't mind cardio machines and find elliptical machines pretty great, but omg, how counter-intuitive is the stairmaster. I get on and the footrest thingys go *down*, so you have to push and "pull". I wasn't expecting that. It's a good workout, but makes me feel retarded. And for that reason it has been struck from the menu.

On to the desk lamp: halogen lamps rule! My ikea lamp, handed down to me from a friend a couple years ago, finally bought the farm and has now gone to the place where all ikea things go when they die (doggie heaven? a curb in sweden?). My new lamp is from Canadian Tire and it's Better. However, I learned something today about halogen lamps and this piece of information scared me a little. That is: halogen lamps produce UV rays... I guess I sort of knew this, since the light is much closer to natural sunlight than the light from regular lamps, but still, I mean, the instructions (which, yes, I read, b/c, shut-up) say to "take caution" re: the uv light. I don't know what this means really. So if I get skin cancer, I'm totally blaming halogen.

Okay, so tomorrow work will get done! And then I will reward myself by going indie-pop dancing. That is all.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Oh, hurrah, hello again, etc. Many good and exciting things have happened in the past month or so. Nothing collosal, mind you, but still, meaningful-to-me things. Hence them appearing in a blog...

Yesterday night I went to see Destroyer, a Vancouver-based band whom I *LOVE* and can't seem to get enough of these days. They played a small club in Montreal's plateau neighbourhood (of course), and it seemed like everyone there was either from Vancouver or Victoria or had lived there recently or was friends with someone who had, etc. Canada is a small place in the end, y'know. The show was fantastic - Frog Eyes and Pink Mountain Tops opened and were both good - Frog Eyes was actually better than I ever remember them being at any of the shows I'd seen in Vancouver and played as the backup band for Dan Bejar, scoring them about 10million points in my inconsequential book. So I spent pretty much the entire Destroyer set completely besought with Mr. Bejar just as I'm sure many others were. I mean, I knew that was going to happen. I've had a crush on this man for a long time and to see him less than 10 feet away singing all the songs I love, well, I couldn't help but swoon. He's fucking amazing. Possibly my favourite Canadian.

And then when the show ended I turned around and there was Don McKellar - also possibly my favourite Canadian! I think I had a moment of shock as I started to reach my hand out towards him and say "Oh, Don McKellar!". But I stopped all that and just smiled. He smiled back. And who says Canadian Celebrity is an oxymoron? It's all in the eye of the beholder, y'all. I told my mom about it, expecting to have to explain who Don McKellar is and she was all "Oh, the Twitch City guy! I love him!" yaaaay, mom! (and isn't it great how my mom can speak in html? crazy world.)

Okay, I just realized that I'm writing like an 18-year-old tonight. I'm just going to blame the season finale of Survivor for that. How can I write like myself after sitting through 3 hours of Survivor? My brains are fried. But I did manage to get myself over to and vote for Rupert to win the million bucks (oh, cbs, you are so smart. i bet they make waaaay more than a million bucks in advertising sales just for the final (2nd) final show. heesh.

More on my great trip to London later when I've starting being able to write closer to my true age (which is something of a debate in itself, but whatever).