Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I watched all of American Idol. I mean, how could I not with all those contestant "packages", y'know, where they show the singer's family, friends and 'interests'. It's just all too funny not to watch. But did it have to go on for two hours?! At least I found out that The O.C. will be on next Monday, after a two-week absence. In some kind of freakish need for the show, I read an entire episode summary on Television without Pity yesterday. Did I mention I've got deadlines? This is how my stress manifests itself, through not just the wasting of time but actually sinking to new depths to manage that wastage. Astounding. This reminds me of the time I spent some time here and read a few episodes of "Knight Rider" a couple years ago at work. Oh, and half an episode of "Air Wolf" (painful.)

Who's the American Idol? I'm torne so far. There's so much hyper-cuteness and, i mean, some of them are actually talented, have some soul - it may be Pop Idol, but I think it's evolved a bit, at least in terms of who's getting votes - not just cute pop-star wannabees, but cute soul singers. Or maybe I'm just having an optimistic moment. George was just so cute though without his mustache and "sitting by the dock of the bay." So. Cute. John Peter = also cute, but not as cute as George. Red haired boy is cute too, but only 16 and I can't seem to manifest an opinion re: cute/not cute. Probably more like 'adorable' and '16'. And all the girls are super-cute. I'm glad I'm Canadian and can't vote. Not that I ever voted for Canadian Idol, but y'know, I'd feel some kind of American guilt if I were American and didn't vote. (haha, I'm laughing about voting and America. hahaha. the American Presidential race should be called "American President!" and everyone could call in their votes or even better: text them in - "for George W. Bush, text the word 'bush' to..." And people would.
I feel like writing in the ol' blog. Which must mean I've got lots of work to do. Hey, guess what? It does! This must also mean I'll spend too much time engrossed (" ") by American Idol tonight. yeah... I did manage to get to the gym, do a kick-ass high-intensity cardio session that warmed me up - the windchill surprised me today and I had to race-walk downtown (no bus pass for me this month - i'm saving that $60 and, well, walking fast everywhere...). So, y'know, I have accomplished some stuff.

I finished reading a book about women and bodybuilding yesterday. I actually read the whole thing. Which I probably shouldn't've done since I should also be reading lots of other things. Yes, the key to surviving grad school is not to read anything in it's entirely - it's all about "relevant chapters" and "journal articles" and "this paragraph makes sense".

After the gym, I went into my favourite shoe store (which is not really my 'favourite', but I guess the most convenient and is full of good shoes. The sales people are annoying and there are plenty of horrible, offensive shoes too. I thought high-heeled sneakers were never coming back? Yet they've come back! In kitten-heel form! Run! And not in high-heeled sneakers because you'll fall down!)

But anyway, while not too many shoes appealed today, a few did, namely the new spring Campers. I was crying inside with all the love for this pair of white slip-ons with little fushia flowers embroidered on them. so expensive, so stupidly, illogically expensive. yet so beautiful. i had to leave.

On the way home I saw a middle-aged man wearing brown woolen tights and black nylon running shorts. And a ruffled jacket. This also made me cry on the inside, but not in the beautiful-shoes kind of way. And then I was like, I wonder where he found those tights b/c those are hard to find around.

I've also started doing yoga again b/c I've realized how well it works to relax me, stretch out all my tired muscles, and let me forget about things for an hour. Yet I still think of the Brent Butt joke on his tv show "corner gas" - someone asks, talking about doing pilates/yoga, "Don't you want to unify your mind and body?" and he replies, "No. I don't like to put all my eggs in one basket." I think that's brilliant.

Now for the requisite jumping up and down and shouting "whoo!" because I'm going to London in 2 weeks. It's so great. I have so much to do before then. But it's so great and horrah, etc.!

I'm sure there will be more later.