Saturday, December 27, 2003

it's the post-christmas blog entry!
i've been busy. I suppose. I don't know. I've been doing things - work, school, social things - and just feeling tense and busy though I wonder if I really am or if I'm just not making time for things (avoiding them?) such as writing letters/email, cleaning my room (though the bathroom and kitchen are sparkling), or doing little things that take much brain power (budget things, conference proposals, etc.). aaagh is all i have to say about that.

yes, so instead of doing the little things that take much brain power, i have been avoiding them with things that take a modicum of brain power. like reading semi-trashy novels (tess of the d'ubervilles, anyone? 1960s books like 'how to live on nothing', and, oh yes, a john grisham book.) meanwhile, there is a vertical pile (okay, two) of library books i should be reading. and piles of cds i haven't refiled, and piles and piles of articles and old papers and such. *but*, it is christmas time. i'm not really doing anything about all this until monday. two more days! if only i can manage to live them guilt-free. ah, yeah, i bet i can.

yes, so i spent christmas here in montreal with a friend. on christmas eve, we ate tofu satay (which, seriously, is one of the best recipes in my collection. so very good.) and then got drunk on 9% quebec beer and then re-discovered some rum i had in my cupboard, mixed it with freshly sqozen orange juice and some berries i had in the freezer. whoo! yeah, so i had a bit of a christmas morning hangover, which was just fine b/c it encouraged me to sleep until noon and lead a very calm christmas-day existence. my mom had sent me a package full of little things to open christmas day (this included a new bathrobe! joy!) and my friend and i exchanged a few things too, which was very nice (i got a really nice wooly scarf that goes with the new (on-sale, yes) hat i bought the other day (i had to buy it; it is too cute.) then i made dinner, which i enjoy doing. no, no turkey: real mushroom soup (sort of like turkey stuffing, but in soup form!), fish (talapia) with almond-parmesan-parsley-lemon crust, brussel sprouts, and rosemary-balsamic yams. and a chocolate pecan pie type thing that i made sans sucre (with stevia). yum! and wine. and i even got to go for a walk in the falling snow after dinner. really nice. oh, and i watched 'the princess bride'.

a different kind of christmas, but it seems that every year is. and hurrah for that, i say.