Friday, July 18, 2003

``i invent everything, even memories``

i`m obviously in a poetry mood today:
i like erin mouré.
i like poetry. that whole website at u of t is great. all canadian, all the time, yo.
ooh, the french continues! i`m so busy though. i`m searching the internet, doing a bit of research for a presentation. i came across a poem i like, which resonates with me today, somehow. it`s just damn hot outside, and the winter was so cold, maybe that`s it. y`know, having grown up in vancouver, where the weather is mild all year round, where we don`t have these insane extremes. i was shocked by the extremes i experienced in montreal this year, seriously. shocked. as well, we`ve been reviewing all things weather in french class and learning a few new expressions. one can never know too many words in foreign languages that can be used to talk about the weather. these words are value-added, i tell you, value added! anyway, poem:


I'd like to live a slower life.
The weather gets in my words
and I want them dry. Line after line
writes itself on my face, not a grace
of age but wrinkled humour. I laugh
more than I should or more
than anyone should. This is good.

But guess again. Everyone leans, each
on each other. This is a life
without an image. But only
because nothing does much more
than just resemble. Do the shamans
do what they say they do, dancing?
This is epistemology.

This is guesswork, this is love,
this is giving up gorgeousness to please you,
you beautiful dead to be. God bless
the weather and the words. Any words. Any weather.
And where or whom. I'd never taken count before.
I wish I had. And then
I did. And here
the weather wrote again.

John Newlove

Thursday, July 10, 2003

je me sens...
je me sens, um, débordé? well, perhaps for a bit. now i`m just sens-ing french. like, everything is french. me=french. it`s therefore hard to write in english at the moment - a bit annoying since, well, my life kinda revolves around, oh, knowing how to write well in english. lardeelar. i`m sure that once this french sinks in a bit more, i`ll be back to my old self, making puns and using the english language for what it was meant for - witticisms! or something of that sort. i made a pun in french the other day! there was a choice of evening activities and one of them was making candy, yes, faire les bonbons. et, parce que je suis un peu sensible au sucre, j`ai dit: c`est n`est pas bon bon pour moi. hahahahaha. yes, please, stop yourself or you`ll give yourself a bellyache and wreck your eyeliner. puns are always a minor victory, especially when they ellicit french-accented groans. fab.

i`m desperately missing my music collection. in my rush out of the house to get the train, i managed to pack a mere 6 cds. i`ve been borrowing a friend`s (really old) discman, hence the cds instead of tapes. my lovely and great walkman was dropped to many times. rather, i dropped my lovely and great walkman too many times. when will a lovely and great iPod come my way? sigh. actually, the money situation truly suXors right now, which means i should be asking myself things more along the lines of When will a lovely and great meal that consists of something other than oatmeal come my way? ah, no, it hasn`t quite gotten to that; i`m a frugal shopper and I believe this is what has kept me going sans oatmeal dinners for this long. here in moncton though, what with this being a government-sponsored let`s-learn-french-like-we-should-have-when-we-were-young program, the food is all paid for. so i`m Eating Well. and being healthy and going to the gym and going for long walks and all these other things. i`m studying too, of course. the only drawback is that it`s summer and i`d rather be at the beach all day. because the beach in bluddy fabulous. we went on the weekend and i didn`t want to leave. i went swimming for a really long time. i want a summer house on the beach, west coast or east coast, doesn`t matter to me as long as there`s an ocean i can swim in (and not die a horrible pollution-caused death.)

right-o. bien. alors!
oh, i learned a little acadian jig last night in a little acadian dance lesson. it rocks. i`ve added it to my very small cache of Things I Can Do. I`m still trying to figure out what else is in that cache: um, picking people up in a fireman hold; talking about cyborg-related ideas; push-ups; extended rambling; speaking french (!); speaking english (?); eating oatmeal. hahaha. lists are greatness.

the french has obviously gotten to my head and is eating away at my brains. brains, mmm.