Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chicks in a Cave - Horror Movie, I Love You

I saw The Descent last night. I had gone to the good ol' Montreal F0rum for some comfy-seat, air-conditioned movie time, having not been to the movies in several weeks and feeling sad about that. So I went with a friend to see A Scanner Darkly, which I was prepared for, being kind of a fan of Waking Life and having heard from friends that this was pretty good - not action-packed, but interesting and neat to look at. And that was true. I left the theatre thinking about it, about why the animation (it makes sense though), and about how Keanu has gotten really good at picking the right roles. I did leave the movie feeling kind of stoned though, because the world is not in fact rotoscope animated. It looked weird.

I also left feeling I could watch another movie. This is what happens at multiplexes. I'm sorry, but it's just too easy. So we saw The Descent. And it rocked. So. Awesome. I wrote about it where else but on Midnight Poutine.


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