Friday, September 26, 2003

So yesterday things happened. I'm still fairly unmotivated to do certain kinds of work I should be doing, but am not too worried about it. Yet. Always yet. I'm supposed to be writing a big article for the Grad Students' Association magazine for which I am now the editor and, well, it's going slowly. Which is all my fault, what with being slow and all. Monday is a new day! And the weekend is the weekend! I have a lot of work to do otherwise as well. Do I care? Sort of. Do certain things take it all off my mind? Oh, yes! These certain things are:

I bought a ticket to London (England) yesterday! At a remarkable price! (and i get to avoid AirCanada. mwaha!) I can't really afford it anyway, but my best friend is going to have a baby in late March and I want to be there. She's managed to make this coincide with a really interesting conference too. Not that I wouldn't have come over otherwise, but hey. Yes, so I'm flying over March 30 and coming back April 20. It's a nice amount of time - I'll probably spend it all in London, maybe a trip to Wales if the conference ends up being there (it's either there or London, but prob there, which is cool.) My brother is running a marathon in Rome in late March too (fully paid for, in fact, b/c he's got a chronic illness! I think this is the first time he's ever been even mildly positive about having diabetes... eesh.) , so he's going to fly up to London after that. I feel so jet-set. Oh, bottom-rung jet-set, but jet-set nonetheless.

(Did you know? - Did you know that jet-set actually comes from the German word Jeitzeit, which means something about 'the people' and 'the trends'? Yep. I read that somewhere. Probably Benjamin, I don't know.)

Another thing taking my mind off other things: I went to a show, part of the Pop Montreal festival (it was Washington Social Club, Metric (so good! buy album now!) and Stars). I had to go alone b/c a friend bailed on me (in a rather crappy way too, but screw him.), but I always go to shows alone. Anyway, I met a really nice guy in line. This never happens! So I got to hang out with someone cool at the show, and even exchange numbers afterwards (oooh.)

And it's pretty much officially Autumn/Fall now. I didn't wear a jacket today and am glad I rode my bike so I only have to suffer 5 minutes of chilly wind instead of the 25 I would have to suffer if I had walked. I'm debating about going to more Pop Montreal tonight. Mostly money reasons. But then, cute-boy reasons might over-ride that.

I'm going to look up how to make apple butter now. It being apple season and all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Yeah, so I am a crappy blogger. This was well known at the beginning. I had some computer trouble, then some being-busy trouble, and before that some boy trouble. So, y'know.

So now I'm all single, internet-co-nected, academically directed and probably even going to a conference in the U.K. in the spring. Excitant! And my best friend, who happens to live in London is going to have a *baby* at the end of March. All the more reason to pull out the credit card and book a trip I can't afford. I say.

I've gotten way too into television. Or, I was. Now it's just annoying me and I always find myself turning it off after a few minutes. Agh, I'm reverting! Probably a good thing, everyone might say, but, y'know, tv... I'm all 'prioritizing' things and tv isn't fitting in very well. Who would think.

Oh, but I do have a new cat! A friend gave him to me b/c her son is allergic. So now I have two cats. It's pretty nice. He's a big, yet skinny orange thing, a little on the siamese side, with that kind of gravelly meow. aw. love him.

In other "new things" news: I bought a pair of tall black leather boots! I have searched my entire life for boots like this and they practically smacked me in the face when I wasn't looking! And, as if a surprise perfect-boot purchase weren't enough, they were on *sale*. Like $250 boots for $80! (Cdn!). Oh, they are beautiful. With round toes and a small heel. And not one of those annoying, space-agey attached-type heels that have prevented me from buying (admittedly lesser) boots in the past. No, a proper, classic heel. Wow, eh? The store I got them in is Italian too. They wanted to make me an espresso (with their insane pro espresso maker, which I believe is Italy's contribution to the international space program), but it was 6pm and that would have destroyed all chances of sleeping for the next 3 days.

Anyway, things are a little exciting and a little weird right now. In that way where you know things are going to happen but you're not sure when or how. It's a good thing I turned off the tv.