Friday, November 14, 2003

I haven't written in a while, true, but this is easy, just a little cutting and pasting and voila, i've got a new aspect to my identity. ah, categorizing, will you ever lose?

William Faulkner
William Faulkner wrote you. Yes, you're a genius,
you drunken old coot.

Which Author's Fiction are You?
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i'm guessing it's b/c i chose 'bourbon' as my drink of course. but i was only being honest. mmm, bourbon.

in other news, i've decided to go with a Twin Peaks theme for my birthday in late january (last year was track suits, this year, twin peaks. it works, follow me here, people.) yes, so everyone will have to come dressed as a character! if they don't know the show, i'm just telling them to dress as an bumbling fbi agent or a high-class pacific northwest whore. mwah ha! it will rock. i think i'm going to get a blond wig, a shower curtain (or maybe some more accurate clear plastic tarping) and some seaweed and go as laura palmer (which is great b/c i was janet leigh from psycho for halloween. yes, bloody shower curtain excellence.) i'm going to get people to bring their coffee makers so we can drink coffee all night long (wif alcohol. i mean, it's a party.) and there will be pie. lots of pie. and doughnuts. does it not *already* rock?! whoo!